Professional Carpet Cleaning Woodstock GA Guaranteed

If you’re tired of less than satisfactory services & hidden charges when it comes to carpet cleaning Woodstock GA, then call us. We are FIBER MASTERS and have been cleaning carpets in the Atlanta area for more than thirty years. We use the most advanced cleaning equipment available on the market today.

Our wash, rinse and extraction process leaves your carpet clean and fresh, free of unwanted chemicals and toxins. We use environmentally safe cleaning agents with anti-resoiling properties, giving your carpet that like-new appearance.


We Use The Most Powerful Cleaners on the Market

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Steam Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Water Damage Removal
  • We Get Rid of Mildew Problems
  • Fastest Drying Time Available
  • Pet Odor Specialist
  • Carpet, Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning
  • In Place Drying


  • Specializing in Carpet Cleaning
    Looks Aren’t Everything! Carpet these days was designed to hide dirt and it does do a good job. You can pour a pound of soil in one square foot of a quality nylon carpet, rub...